Sustainability at California Natural Color

At California Natural Color, our business model is sustainability. As you can see on the chart below, we start with grapes in the vineyard that we use to produce primary products like wine, brandy, color and concentrates. But then we also have found a use for the component parts of the grape to produce products like seed extracts, oils and pure alcohol. And before all is said and done, we use the by-products to produce energy to run our facility and remaining solids to produce cattle feed which leads to fertilizer that is put back in the vineyards to help produce more grapes - a perfect circle of sustainability.

We have received Industrial Recycling and Zero Waste awards, utilize an on-site compost facility, and have installed cogeneration and solar electricity plants.


How Our Parent Company Handles Sustainability

We recognize natural resources sustain not only our business but, more importantly, our communities and future generations. That’s why we place protecting these precious resources at the heart of everything we do.

We’re deeply committed to continuously improving our processes, reducing our carbon footprint and preserving our natural resources. (Read More)