Natural Brown Color Solutions to Sustainably Offset Cocoa Reduction

June 19th, 2024

Pure Brown Carrot Crystal Coloring used in Chocolate Milk

Cocoa has long been used as a key ingredient in food and beverages not only for its rich, chocolatey flavor, but doubling as a coloring agent. However, the cocoa industry has faced recent production challenges due to environmental disruptors, causing fluctuations in material cost and supply. According to the International Cocoa Organization, global cocoa supply is anticipated to decrease by almost 11% compared to the 2022/2023 season.1 To mitigate the impact on operations, developers can employ natural brown food coloring as a viable solution to cocoa reduction.

Cocoa’s volatile supply and high cost are a few of the challenges that can be addressed through incorporating natural brown food coloring in food and beverage formulations. Reducing dependance on cocoa as a singular source of brown hues offers manufacturers an advantage to stabilize costs and contribute to a more sustainable supply chain while maintaining visual appeal and consistency in their food and beverage applications.

Color loss or color consistency across batches and products from cocoa reduction can easily be offset by our natural brown color solutions and high-strength crystal color technology. Unlike traditional powder or liquid natural alternatives, our crystal colors boast an exceptionally high color concentration, and offer superior stability and fast solubility across a wide range of clean label food and beverage applications. The crystals do not require refrigeration and have up to a 5-year shelf life. With their high color concentration and ambient temperature storage, manufacturers can benefit from cost savings throughout the supply chain.

If you’re interested in exploring the capabilities of our natural brown color solutions or discussing the details of a specific project, we invite you to request a sample or connect with our team of experts. We look forward to helping you bring natural, sustainable, and vibrantly colored products to market.


Pure Purpule Butterfly Pea Crystal Coloring used in cold beverage