Innovation in natural colors and flavors – product development guide

Food & Beverage Insider, Febuary 4, 2020

Today's consumers don’t have to hunt hard for foods and beverages made with recognizable natural ingredients and no artificial or extraneous junk. With the proliferation of natural, organic, non-GMO, allergen-free and sustainably produced options on the market—including from the big multinational brands—clean label has become the norm. Shoppers now expect it, so food and beverage companies that don’t get on board risk having their products go stale on store shelves.

Clearly, when it comes to flavors and colors, natural is a wise way for food and beverage developers to go. That said, not just any natural flavorant or hue will do. Because most are derived from plant sources, these ingredients can be more challenging to work with than their synthetic counterparts, requiring thoughtful sourcing and formulation expertise. Therefore, to ensure your product tastes and looks delicious, it is critical to choose the highest quality natural flavors and colors from trustworthy, experienced suppliers.

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